latest purchases

Hi all,

today I´ll show you my recent purchases.
Unfortunatelly I don´t go shopping very often at the moment, because school wastes a lot of time and at the weekend I´m always so tired, that I can´t bring myself to go anywhere else...

Happily there are holidays and my first action on the first day of holiday was going shopping!!
And it wont be the last time in the next week !! 

I bought again a new ring from accessorize:

A new jacket, which was totally reduced by Pimkie and an orange top by Vila:

And my new sanctuary:
 A new mp3-player by iriver. I´ve ordered it four weeks ago and every time I came home from school I asked firstly weather my mp3-player was delivered...:)

Here it is:




new love

I was always a opponent of these snowboots because nearly everybody has this pair of shoes in her wardrobe. If I look around in my school each second girl wears them but that´s not the worst. They bend inward when walking and after a certain time its harmful to the feet.
So I´ve never thought of buying them..........until last week.
I was at Görz17 and saw this pair of Emu-Snowboots at the shelf and it happened to me........I fell in love.

Today I wear them nearly every day because they have lambwool inside and keeps totally warm. And I understand all the girls who love their boots! ;D


Here they are:

(you can´t realize the exact colour because of the light, but actually they´re khaki/green)

favourite songs at the moment!

Here is a little choice of my absolute favourite songs at the moment;D have fun:

Marlon Roudette - Anti Hero:

Gers Pardoel - Ik neem je mee: