paradise will come soon!

Hi together,

finally I have a new post for you. The last few weeks had been horrible. I hadn´t known where to start working for school, because we have written so many tests and there was of course no time for a new post.
But I´m still alive and totally in anticipation for the easterholidays, starting on monday!!!
Today I have a big cold and my throat hurts like never before... but against this there´s nothing better than a huge, hot Latte Macchiato with little biscuits.

My plans for the holidays are:

- go shopping with my friends
- dancing in different discos
- tinker new DIY things
- unfortunatelly do a lot for school
- a lot of sports
- of course many new posts

.Hope you enjoy your holidays too!


  1. danke für den lieben Kommentar! Ich hab gerade mal über deinen Blog quergelesen und werde das wohl öfter machen =)

  2. Richtig schoener Blog schau doch auch mal bei mir vorbei, darüber wär ich sehr froh!

    Kiss, Charlotte